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PP ( Polypropylene ) FILTER

Whether you own a chemical manufacturing unit, dyes and pigments industry, sugar processing, and wastewater treatment, you cannot overlook the significance of a PP filter housing. These filter housings have thick structures to satisfy the required operating pressure of a product. Simultaneously, the filters provide reliability and security to the firm.

As a linear hydrocarbon type of polymer, PP-designed materials are popular. They involve low cost and allow easy manufacturing or maintenance. The main feature of a polypropylene filter is that it matches diverse filter materials and comes with high efficiency in terms of filter function. Besides, the products have long-distance life, versatility, and high-quality diaphragm pressure gauge. A few of these filters possess corrosion-resistant pimps to deliver stable performance and integrated die casting without porosity to prevent the problem of liquid leaks.

Another feature of a PP filter is that it has a precision control-based intelligent switch to prevent abnormal operation and overload for extending its overall service life. In particular, the filters designed with polypropylene have an excellent tensile strength of about 4000 psi. Other essential features of the filter are compact and firm structure, convenient operation, easy-to-install option, space-saving solution, convenient maintenance, and simple operation.

Polypropylene filter is useful in the delivery of alkaline and acidic liquids, etching liquids, cleaning of fluid solutions, and similar others. The filter equipment is also suitable to continue plating of chemical fluid circulation and filtration procedures. Other applications include water or chemical recirculation, several types or forms of recirculation of plating solutions, and PCB plating solutions.

A polypropylene air filter has also found applications in power generation, medical, telecom, and several other commercial or industrial products. These air filters perform their functions with the highest possible dust arrest levels while installed in HVAC devices, computers, and electronic items, which demand disposable filters.

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